Woodleigh: Woodleigh 375cal 300gr PPSN Projectiles #W45A (Per 50)

Woodleigh 375cal 300gr PPSN Projectiles #W45A (Per 50)

Manufacturer: Woodleigh
Sales price $ 68.95

Quick Overview

Woodleigh Bullets of Murrabit, Victoria, have come up with a new design called the \'protected point\'. The bullet is more spire point than Woodleigh\'s more traditional rounded bullets, but has a small flat nose, with less lead showing

The concept is to have a nose construction that will not deform under recoil in magazine rifles, while also adding a little more aerodynamics to the projectile than currently offered by the typical round nose design of most Woodleigh bullets.

Construction is similar to all other Woodleigh expanding bullets, with a soft lead core physically adhered to a tough tapered outer jacket. At the nose section are six internal grooves which are designed to strategically weaken the front jacket area for reliable expansion.

The protected point bullets are available in a range of calibres from .30 to .458 in nine bullet weights. To test some of the new range, we used .30 calibre bullets in 165gn and 180 grain weights, as well as 375's in 270gn and 300gn weights