Lee: Lee Pistol Carbide Factory Crimp Die

Lee Pistol Carbide Factory Crimp Die

Manufacturer: Lee Precision
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Lee Pistol Carbide Factory Crimp Die

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Lee Pistol Crimp Dies - Pistol

Carbide sizer sizes the pistol cartridge while it's being crimped

Lee Rifle and Carbide Pistol Die Sets

Lee carbide dies are used in commercial loading machines that cycle 4,000 to 5,000 times per hour. The most copied dies in the industry, Lee Pistol Carbides simply can't be worn out by personal use. All Lee rifle dies now have the new EasyX bearing-grade steel expander with a tapered shaft to expand sub-calibers when case forming. The EasyX also reforms dented or squashed necks and boasts an exceptionally strong decapper for flawless performance. Best of all, every Lee rifle die set comes with Lee's guaranteed best accuracy warranty.