Lee: Lee Ultimate 4 Die Rifle Set

Lee Ultimate 4 Die Rifle Set

Manufacturer: Lee Precision
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Lee Ultimate 4 Die Rifle Set

Die Calibre

Choose this die set for maximum versatility. The set features a full length-resizing die to return brass to factory new dimensions, perfect for reloading brass fired in other guns. The Collet Neck sizing die is used on your fire formed brass giving you best possible accuracy. No case lube required and cases last almost forever. The Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet seating die foolproofs the bullet seating adjustment, and assures perfect seating depth every time. The Factory Crimp die provides a secure crimp on bullets with or without a crimp groove. In most cases it helps accuracy by providing a uniform higher start pressure and gives the finished cartridge Factory like accuracy and dependability. The set is complete, with shell holder, powder measure and famous Lee load data featuring all common brands of powder organized in a easy to read logical format.

Includes a full length sizer, collet necksizer, Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die & Factory Crimp Die.

Available in these cartridges:

90694  223 Remington   90693 30/30 Winchester
90739 22/250   90695 308 Winchester
90556 243 Winchester   90736 30/06
90593 270 Winchester   90738 300 Win Mag
90679 7mm Rem Mag      


Note: Please specify what caliber you require.