Led Lenser : Led Lenser P7.2 Torch #ZL9407

Led Lenser P7.2 Torch #ZL9407

Manufacturer: Led Lenser
Sales price $ 104.95

Quick Overview

Led Lenser P7.2 Torch #ZL9407

The Led Lenser P7.2 Pro Series Torch ZL9407 is the updated and improved successor to the insanely popular and versatile P7, which has become a staple model among enthusiasts. Designed and engineered in Germany to offer outstanding versatility and high specification levels, the Led Lenser P7.2 Torch offers an improved cooling system and recalculated lens for a brighter light, resulting in the ultimate in usability and functionality. Each Led Lenser P7.2 Torch uses Smart-Light Technology, which features multiple settings that caters for the situation at hand, ranging from boost to power and low power. The body of the Led Lenser P7.2 Torch is made using aircraft grade aluminium which is extremely lightweight and durable, and is finished in stealth matt black with red feature highlights. This excellent combination of features makes the Led Lenser P7.2 Torch perfect for professionals, tradespeople, around the home use or even out when camping.

Led Lenser has become a worldwide leader in LED torch technologies. Offering a unique range of features and functions, each torch has been carefully designed to maximise performance and usability. Designed and engineered in Germany, the Led Lenser range uses the latest chips and lenses to create a clear, crisp and even light. Gold contact points maximise the connection between the battery and the chip for ultimate brightness and range. The Advanced Focus System, unique to Led Lenser, uses a pull push action which changes the torch from spot to flood with just one hand, making it easy when you are on the go. Each body (unless stated otherwise) uses sleek black aircraft grade aluminium which is not only lightweight, but is extremely durable to tackle even the toughest of tasks. All of this is backed by a 5 year Australian Warranty, which goes to show just how dependable these torches are. And once you’ve had a Led Lenser, you’ll never want anything else.


  • Lumens: *** (boost), 250 (power), 40 (low power)
  • Range: 260m (boost), 220m (power), 100m (low power)
  • Length: 13cm
  • Weight: 175g (including batteries)
  • Battery Life: 2hr (boost), 4hr (power), 50hr (low power)
  • Battery Type: 4 x AAA (Includes)
  • Designed and engineered in German
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminium which is lightweight and durable
  • Higher specs, better ergonomics, simpler operations and superior construction
  • Smart-Light Technology features multiple settings and functions to cater for the situation
  • Advanced Focus System uses a pull push action to go from spot to flood with just one hand
  • Large switch provides better grip and allows for use even with gloves on
  • Gold contact battery points ensure maximum power and range
  • Improved cooling system and recalculated lens
  • Red feature highlights look cool and denote the new model
  • Beautiful Presented in a Led Lenser Gift Box
  • 5 Years Australian Warranty

Extra Information

  • Includes:
  • 1 x Torch P7.2
  • 1 x Pouch
  • 1 x Strap
  • 4 x AAA Batteries
  • User Manual