Glock: Glock 17L Semi Auto Pistol 9mm

Glock 17L Semi Auto Pistol 9mm

Manufacturer: Glock
Sales price $ 1460.00

Quick Overview

Glock 17L Semi Auto Pistol 9mm.

Caliber 9mm
Action Safe Action System
Length (slide) 8.85 inches
Height 5.43 inches
Width 1.18 inches
Length between sights 8.07 inches
Barrel length 6.02 inches
Barrel rifling right, hexagonal
Length of twist 9.84 inches
Magazine capacity 10 rounds (US civilian)
Mass (weight)  
Empty without magazine 23.63 ounces
Empty magazine 2.75 ounces
Full magazine ~9.87 ounces
Trigger pull (standard) ~4.5 pounds
Trigger travel for discharge

0.5 inches

Number of safeties 3