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Welcome to The Adelaide Gun Shop


Customers please note that while we endevour to look after our customers our pricing has gone up due to the flow on effect from our suppliers.
We have made the effort to update our website and store in order to share and keep up with the cause and effect of the situation rather than letting you down by showing a price that is not applicable as other stores still do and getting you into the store on old pricing that is shown only to then inform you that new stock arriving is at a higher price. We choose NOT to LET OUR CUSTOMERS BE GIVEN FALSE INFORMATION
Thank you for taking the time to understand the flow on effect.




All Ridgeline Clothing & Ridgeline Accessories

20% Off Marked Price

(Available In Store & Phone Orders Only)








Duck season is fast approaching (February 14th) so make sure you stock up on steel while we can get it.
The list below is what we currently have in stock.


Winchester Blindside 36grm 2's $299.00 Per 250

       Winchester Drylock 36grm 2's & 4's $199.00 Per 250

       Winchester Super X 34grm 2's & 3's $184.00 Per 250

   Winchester Xpert 32grm 2's & 3's $160.00 Per 250

    Winchester Xpert Target 28grm 7's $94.00 Per 250


GB Plus 36grm 2's & 3's $145.00 Per 250

   GB Rapid 32grm 3's & 4's $135.00 Per 250.

All shells listed are 2 3/4 inch.





SAPOL Firearms Branch are currently asking Firearm owners purchasing second and subsequent firearms to show JUSTIFICATION  for purchase !!!


Phone 7322 3346 (if busy leave a message)


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Write to  Firearms Branch GPO Box 1539 ADELAIDE  SA  5000


Requesting information on this matter before lodging a PD306 Permit To Aquire.



Gift Vouchers Available Online & In Store.



The Adelaide Gun Shop was originally opened with a midnight sale in June 1974.

Our challenge is to provide you the customer with the best possible prices and personalised services which has made us the most progressive dealer in this industry!


              Please Note: All prices are subject to change without notice.


Adelaide Gun Shop have a Facebook Page, join us to see the latest products on the market & to see what super specials we are offering.